IPhone 5, 5C & 5S

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 Screen Replacement
(Prices apply to 5, 5C & 5S Models unless stated)

  • Original Refurbished Screens £40 Fitted
  • Made to the highest standard using original Apple Lcd Panels
  • Best Quality - Best Prices

 Batteries * Only Original Parts are fitted in the charging system*

Top and Bottom Rear Glass inserts

Complete Housing
5 £75 (Original Colours
5C £80 ( Original Colours)
5S £80 (Original Colours plus Aqua Blue, Blue & White, Brass & White, Dark Blue & White, Gold & White, Green & White, Hot Pink & White, Purple & White & Red & White)

Earpiece Speaker

Home Button
£30 for 5S ( Touch ID will no longer work if they home button is replaced)

Lightning Port/Headphone Jack & Voice Mic (Original Only)

Proximity Sensor/Front Camera

Vibrating Motor

Main Camera £40


iPhone 5, 5C & 5S Tempered glass screen protector £15

Liquid Damage - This is always a difficult fix as there are so many variables to contend with, we have a good system in place to deal with liquid damage and have a high level of success, we charge a £20 fee for intitial treatment of the device and diagnostics of the damage, if the phone requires repairs that cost more than £20 then the diagnostic fee is waived. Please note due to the time takes to treat and diagnose the damage the £20 fee is chargeable regardless of whether the phone is repaired or if it is deemed to be too badly damaged. 

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